TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Support: Let's Talk

We/ SUPPORT APP, are an internet based mobile phone application by M/s SUPPORT TECH SERVICES Private Limited, and this document uses the words “we” and “SUPPORT APP” interchangeably, and “you” and “users” interchangeably. The expression “we” covers both SUPPORT and M/s WE SUPPORT TECH SERVICES Private Limited, as and when the context allows.

How we work

SUPPORT APP allows you to access certain features or content in exchange for a recurring fee, as applicable (the “Membership Services”). Your transactions and any other use of the ‘Membership Services’ i.e. services you avail, post enrolling with SUPPORT’s internet-run mobile application, are subject to these “Terms of Service”..

You further understand and undertake that these Terms of Service are to be read along with our Privacy Policy, and each of these documents is incorporated in each other by reference.

These terms are legally binding, and the application is governed by the laws of India, and falls within the New Delhi jurisdiction.

Should you, the “user” choose to proceed with our mobile application, and enjoy its features and services, beyond this point, it would be held and assumed that you or any party acting under or related to you, have agreed to each and every foregoing term of usage, condition, and liability, and that these terms bind you and SUPPORT APP with the force of law, and that this document is to be read and applied as a whole.

You undertake and understand that these terms apply to you, the moment you ‘download’ the “SUPPORT App,” available on the concerned application store of your phone, or downloaded/used/procured by any other medium

We declare you understand that:

We refer to these individuals who help you discuss any issue which you may want to discuss as “listeners,” for the sake of terminology.

Though to the limited extent possible, we verify all such “listeners” associated with us, we do not conduct verification of each and every assertion made by the listeners and our vetting process is basic due diligence.

We cannot, at any point in time, be held to be responsible if any information declared by any listener may prove to not be an accurate depiction of his or her portrayal, accomplishment, experience, or circumstance.

You understand that these “listeners” we curate to adhere to your optimum customer expectation are not our employees or under our employment in any way, and are individuals associated with us for the limited purpose of helping you discuss your problems, concerns, issues, inhibitions, or general feelings and thoughts, in an associated role (experience sharing interaction), and each of these individuals/listeners are liable for their own conduct, behavior, disclosures, revelations, advice, or suggestion.

You undertake to proceed only with the declared understanding that we are not certified to give or prescribe medical or psychological care or assistance to any user, and are only a platform that enables you to discuss your problems, concerns, issues, inhibitions, or general feelings and thoughts, with our ‘listeners’ who, as per their disclosures, have been similarly placed in the past or may now be in a position to lend you an ear, support you by discussing your concerns and/or suggest you alternatives to tackle your situation, in a non-professional way, without being liable for these discussions.

We, SUPPORT APP, actively encourage you to seek professional assistance through government agencies like hospitals, police, fire department, etc., should you be at any medical, psychological, or physical risk, and need help.

We are not responsible for and cannot be held responsible for any of your actions or conduct, which are illegal, self-destructive, or otherwise anti-social and against the public policy of India. In these circumstances, we expressly distance ourselves from any association with any party as we are only a platform for individuals to interact and discuss and cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant or unfortunate incident, death by suicide, depression, or any similar incident. We are in the business of giving you an anonymous platform to discuss your issues and have no control or limit over the conduct of either of the parties who are all responsible for themselves, and their conduct is not curated for the sake of your own privacy.

It is declared that the interaction between the real-time users and the listeners is not a professional contract and does not tender any professional advice.

SUPPORT APP provides no indemnity towards any loss or damage caused to any party, be it of any kind.

SUPPORT APP holds fully qualified consent from both parties for their interaction with each other.

There are a few exceptions to our non-refundable policy:

  • Changes or Discontinuation of Member Services:

    SUPPORT APP reserves the right to change the availability of Member Services. In addition, we reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any Member Service with or without notice to you, and we will not be liable to you or any third party for any such modifications, suspension, or termination.

  • Removal or Unavailability of Content:

    In certain cases, the content available within a Member Service may become unavailable due to restrictions from our licensors or other legal or policy reasons. SUPPORT APP will have no liability to you for any such unavailability.

  • Changes to the Membership Terms of Service:

    We may change these Membership Terms of Service from time to time so we encourage you to periodically review the most up-to-date version. If you refuse to accept the updated Membership Terms of Service then SUPPORT APP reserves its right to discontinue your use of the Membership Services.

  • Communications:

    By using the Member Services, you consent to receive communications from us, including marketing communications such as newsletters about SUPPORT APP features and content, special offers, promotional announcements, and customer surveys, to your registered email address or via other methods.


You expressly agree not to use this portal in any manner or for any purpose that is prohibited by this membership contract. In addition, you expressly agree not to:

(1) Use the portal for any purpose that is prohibited by any law or regulation, or to facilitate the violation of any law or regulation;

(2) Use or attempt to use any “deep-link,” “scraper,” “robot,” “bot,” “spider,” “data mining,” “computer code” or any other automated device, program, tool, algorithm, process or methodology or manual process having similar processes or functionality, to access, acquire, copy, or monitor any portion of the portal or any data or content found on or accessed through the portal without our prior express written consent;

(3) Obtain or attempt to obtain through any means any materials or information on the portal that has not been intentionally made publicly available;

(4) In any way bypass or circumvent any other measure employed to limit or prevent access to the application or its content;

(5) Violate the security of the application or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the application, data, materials, information, computer systems or networks connected to any server associated with us, through hacking, password mining, or any other means;

(6) Interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the mobile application or any activities conducted on or through the application, including accessing any data, content, or other information prior to the time that it is intended to be available to the public on the application;

(7) Recording of any conversation or chatting shall also amount to hacking and infringement of the Membership Policy.

Note of Caution

SUPPORT APP shall not be responsible for any Force Majeure or Act of God or local authority's direction, and the services shall be accordingly suspended till further direction. SUPPORT APP shall not be liable at all under any circumstances, whatever.

Other Terms

You acknowledge and agree that certain content available in the Member Services may be considered offensive to some people and that such content may not be labeled as such. Additionally, certain descriptions of Membership Services or content available in the Membership Services are not guaranteed to be accurate. You agree to use the Membership Services at your own risk and, subject to applicable laws, SUPPORT APP will have no liability to you for any content that you find offensive.

You acknowledge and agree that SUPPORT APP should not be held liable for any act or conduct of either party that originates from the discussion that takes place between the real-time user and listener. Furthermore, even the listener cannot be held liable for any wrongful act of the user, and the discussion shall not be taken as instigation to commit any illegal activity either from the listener or us.

Members can reach us by mail/post at:
Or by email at: care@supportletstalk.com

If you have questions or feedback about Membership Services, please send it to the email address above.

You agree that you are solely responsible for (and that Support app has no responsibility to you for) your use of any Membership Service, any breach of your obligations under the Membership Terms of Service, and for the consequences (including loss or damage of any kind which SUPPORT APP may suffer) of any such breach.

You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for paying all fees in a timely manner and for providing us with a valid credit card, payment information, or another form of payment acceptable to SUPPORT APP.

You acknowledge that your online acceptance of these or any other terms constitute a binding agreement between you and SUPPORT APP and signify your intent to be bound to such online acceptances. Subject to applicable laws, in no event will SUPPORT APP liable for any causes of action brought by you or any agent of yours arising from or related to the services that exceed the payments actually received and retained by SUPPORT APP from you for the Member Services.

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